Farmhouse Stoneware is a locally-owned company whose primary purpose is to provide wheel- thrown & hand-built pottery for your home. 

Our pottery is available through our store or at various craft shows in which we participate throughout the year. Our pottery combines production items as well as one-of-a- kind artfully done craft. We offer a wide variety of glazes, so we can attempt to match your decor. We have included most of our glazes throughout the website, so browse also for colors as well as products.

The emphasis of our site is to show the products we produce, and let you order from this site.  Please email or call us during store hours if you wish to check on availability of a product.  



ADDITIONS TO OUR STORE! Because of show cancellations, we have invited some crafter/artist friends to have their works and wares in our shop. COME VISIT OUR EXPANDED SELECTIONS AND HELP SUPPORT LOCAL CRAFTERS!

BASIC SOAP CO.   Alice Martin from Cortland, OH has created wonderful handmade goat milk soap. Her website is: & at

CENTURY CRATE COMPANY   These superior quality crates from reclaimed wood are skillfully crafted by Bill Tuscano of Hartsgrove, OH.

THE GLASS PATIO  Beautiful blown glass pieces are by Mike Hunter of Solon, OH. They are elegant, whimsical and useful. You can follow Mike on and The Glass Patio channel on YouTube.

GRANDMA'S GARDEN  Hand-casted and hand-painted concrete pieces for the home and garden are created by Sandy Parnaby from Middlefield.  Her website is:

MIDNIGHT ROSE FARM  We now carry honey from  Jacqui & Eric Ward's Midnight Rose Farm in Thompson.

NETTA'S HOMEMADE JELLIES & JAMS Jeannette Anderson of Middlefield makes wonderful jams and jellies!

SUGARBUSH CREEK FARM  Maple syrup from the Cermaks' farm north of Middlefield is on our shelves!

STILLWATERS CRAFTING  Hand-poured Natural Soy Candles from Deshel Lester of Middlefield.  Made with soy wax, essential oils and dried herbs. They burn clean for hours!


OPEN HOUSE/STUDIO AT OUR PLACE. Dates: Dec. 4, 11 & 18, 2021  Times: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Christmas Eve we will close at 2 p.m. Come visit us! We have refreshments and a large inventory.  Bring your family – kids are especially welcome in our shop!



Is the pottery food safe? Most stoneware (pottery fired above 2000 F) produced in the U.S. is free from lead or other toxic heavy metals that might leach into foods. There are test kits out there (we do not have them) in case you already have questionable pottery. Our pottery is food safe.

Can we microwave your pottery? Yes. Your food or beverage microwaved will heat the container but not usually a handle. 

What about cleanup? You can use your dishwasher to clean your pottery!

Can we bake with your pottery and what’s the highest temperature the pottery can withstand? Yes, you can bake with our pottery, but you should not pre-heat your oven. Let the pottery and contents heat up from room temperature with the oven. With pie plates, for example, this adds about 10 minutes to the baking time, but you will be pleased with the results. Do not take pottery from the refrigerator or freezer to the oven! If heated with the oven there, your oven cannot produce enough heat to harm the pottery – no max! Please avoid use on surface units, broilers, and toaster ovens.


What is the pottery process?

Refined and de-aired clay is weighed out and brought to the potter’s wheel. For production purposes an electric wheel is used. The clay is centered and opened. The wall is then brought up and shaped by its flow through the fingers of the potter. Once the piece has been finished at the wheel, it is set aside to dry to the point of leather hard. It is then trimmed, carved, or has handles added. The completed piece must air dry completely before it is placed in a kiln for the bisque firing (to 1800 degrees). It takes 8-10 hours to reach temperature and approximately the same amount of time to cool. The piece then is glazed (a glass formula suspended in water). Because the clay has not yet been fired to maturity, it absorbs the water and the powdered glass adheres to the piece. In our process the glaze is either poured on or the piece is dipped in the bucket of glaze. It is then fired once more in the kiln (to 2150 degrees F). At that temperature the clay and glaze melt together at the point of vitrification. The firing process stops at that point (usually 9 hours). The cooling takes almost 12 hours. The kiln is emptied and pieces are priced and inventoried. Non-ceramic parts, such as collars for soap dispensers or hurricane lamps, are glued to those pieces after firings are complete.

Do you give classes? Jim no longer gives lessons.

About Us

Jim & Betsy Anderson


The roots of Farmhouse Stoneware began in 1976, shortly after Jim and Betsy Anderson were married. The original business was called Cottage Pottery. Jim had studied pottery in his final year at Mount Union College (now the University of Mount Union). It was a secondary career until 1993 when Jim and Betsy began selling Jim’s pottery from their store in Munson Township (Ohio). In 2006, Betsy launched Farmhouse Stoneware to separate our retail from the Cottage Pottery production operation.

Betsy is a retired music educator from Chardon Local Schools. Jim is retired from the Chardon & Middlefield Public Libraries and was the pastor at Colebrook United Methodist Church from 2003-2008. Both are current members of the Middlefield United Methodist Church. They have 3 children (Chris [wife, Jennifer], Adam [wife, Jaci], and Sarah [Travis] Abraham) and seven grandchildren (Chase, Ava, Emma, Asher, Ewan, Isabella, & Ari).

Please know that CHILDREN ARE WELCOME IN OUR STORE! We do NOT (in the store or at craft shows) have a policy of “you break it – you bought it.” As much as we take pride in the quality and artistry of the pottery – people are more valuable than pots! – Especially children!


Farmhouse Stoneware is located at 12480 Ravenna Road, Chardon, OH 44024. It is 700 feet south of the intersection of Route 322 and SR 44, south of the Chardon Square. It is east of Interstate 271 and south of Interstate 90.  Call us if you have any questions (440-286-1100). We have a brown & yellow farmhouse on the west side of the road with a large white barn at the rear where the showroom and studio are located.


12480 Ravenna Rd., Chardon, OH 44024

Store Hours

Monday & Wednesday - Saturday 

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Noon - 5 p.m.